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Capitol Box Art Revival Project Awards 60 Artists

Congratulations to the local artists selected for the 2021 Capitol Box Art Revival Project!  Artists were selected during a 2020 art-in-public-places call for artists led by the City of Sacramento’s Office of Arts and Culture with project sponsors, the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) and the Downtown Sacramento Partnership. The 2021 artist cohort represents the second group since the program was established in 2014 and includes 60 artists:

Nicole Alvarez

Max Barrett

Dee Benitez-Gonzalez

Ann Marie Campbell

Danny Cardenas

Curtis Carlson

Ruth Chase

Francisco Chavira

Andria Dawn

Navid Dehghan

D’Arcy Dent

Molly Devlin

Lin Fei Fei

Ilena Finocchi

Davy Fiveash

Peter Foucault

Ianna Nova Frisby

Ellie Gainey

Mahsan Ghazianzad

Lucy Giles

Haley Jane

Chris Herman

Ian Ingalls

William Ishmael

Cora Jaeschke

Jaya King

Judy Knott

Sherry Knutson

John Krempel

Serena Lafond

Shaina Lamb

Kathryn Lewis

Aida Lizalde

Lori Lorenzo

Bethany-Rose Maier

Janine Mapurunga

Sophie Marsaw-Nevarez

Brooke Mathews

Lee McCormick

Chandra Merod

Emma Montalbano

Annie Murphy-Robinson

Sharon Norton

Rigo Oliva

Linda Paris

Jennifer Pickering

Amber Rankin

Mary Sand

Sam Sellers

Gerry Simpson

Susan Silvester

Donco Tolomanoski

Melissa Uroff

Viktor Verhouod

Kerri Warner

Donine Wellman

Leon Willis

Maria Winkler

Danielle Wogulis



The inaugural 2014 Capitol Art Box Project temporarily wrapped 33 traffic utility boxes with vinyl artwork in the CADA neighborhood (42 blocks south of the Capitol between 7th and 17th Streets and L and S Streets). The 2021 Capitol Art Box Revival Project will wrap these 33 boxes with new work as well as an additional 32 additional boxes in the downtown area, totaling 65 traffic utility box wraps when complete.  The majority of the new box locations are located in the Property-Based Improvement District (PBID) managed by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership (see map).

CADA Executive Director Wendy Saunders stated, “This project is about connecting artists with creative opportunities in the public realm and connecting them virtually to each other during the pandemic. We hope their art inspires community pride and deters vandalism of the utility boxes.”

The artist-designed wraps will be applied using utility industry best practices. Vinyl wraps on transformers, instead of hand-painted artwork, are easier to install, maintain and replace. Also, vinyl wraps do not require the commissioning of an artist to work on location. Vinyl also has a life expectancy of five or more years and comes with a paint-repelling laminate which will further reduce the effects of any graffiti. Artists can use a variety of media; photography, painting, collage, and digital imagery to develop their designs.

The program sought qualifications from artists (or artist teams) who were 18 years or older living within 100 miles of Sacramento.  Artists were selected based on past work and will be paid $500 per commission to create their design. The majority of selected artists will be expected to complete their utility art box designs by March 30, 2021 and see them installed over the summer.  A few artists will have a second round deadline of September 30, 2021 with installation occurring in the fall.