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10th Street Commercial Facades and Streetscapes Improvements



This project focuses on modernizing the streetscape directly fronting CADA commercial tenants on 10th Street between O and P Streets across from Roosevelt Park (Yummy Choice, OB 2000, Bagel Time, and Goodyear Cobbler & Cleaners), and at 11th and P Street (Le Croissant). The improvements are designed to enhance this neighborhood commercial node by making the area more attractive, creative, contemporary, and tasteful through pragmatic, cost-effective improvements. The goal is for the proposed improvements to encourage pedestrian and bicycle activity, assist the existing commercial tenants, activate the underutilized spaces, and enhance the overall livability of the neighborhood by making the pedestrian connection between R Street and the Capitol Park/O Street district more pleasant.


Throughout the process, CADA has engaged the commercial tenants to ensure the proposed improvements fulfill the area’s needs. CADA also coordinated with the City of Sacramento to ensure consistency with planned improvements and project feasibility.

The proposed improvements are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

Improving Sidewalks.

Paving. The sidewalks will be repaved to City historic design standards to even out the grading, thus ensuring ADA compliance. The new paving in the café seating areas (between the sidewalk and roadway) will have a distinctive top cast finish.

Underground downspouts. The current drainage system has drain pipes along the building with downspouts that flow water directly onto the sidewalk. As part of the paving improvements, the downspouts will be undergrounded beneath the sidewalk to flow water into the landscaping areas.

Expanding the Public Sphere.

Bulb-out. The improvements include a bulb-out in front of Yummy Choice at 10th and P Streets to allow for more outdoor seating.

Parking Pay Machine Tower. There are currently individual parking meters along 10th Street, which will be replaced with two parking pay machine towers. This will reduce barriers on the sidewalk.

Enhancing the Outdoor Dining Experience.

Lunch counter with custom perforated panels. There will be custom lunch counters with perforated panels between Yummy Choice and OB 2000, in front of Bagel Time, and in front of Le Croissant on the P Street side. The steel panels will be laser cut with illustrations designed by Studio Tutto and have a powder-coated finish. The panels are designed to complement the wildlife mural and provide a unique and functional art piece to enhance the neighborhood.

Seating. There will be permanently-fixed stools for the lunch counters. There will be movable chairs and tables.

Additional Amenities. There will also be a litter receptacle, pet waste station, and bicycle racks in the middle of the commercial tenants on 10th Street in front of OB 2000. There will also be two metal umbrellas covering the tables outside of Le Croissant along the P Street frontage.

Improving Landscaping.

Drought-tolerant Landscaping. The existing plants will be removed and replaced with a new climate-appropriate planting palette, which will include Greensphere Manzanita, Bush Anemone, Cleveland Sage, Berkeley Sedge, Atlas Fescue, Lime Tuff Dwarf Mat Rush, Hummingbird Sage, and Island Alum Root. There will also be a short metal garden fence around the planting areas to protect plant material from pedestrians.

Adding Art.

Mural Extension. Artist Stephen Williams will extend the existing 10th Street wildlife mural that he painted to include the small rectangular overhang above Yummy Choice on the P Street side.

Capitol Box Art Project. The traffic utility box on the corner of 10th and P Streets has an art wrap designed by Sherry Knutson as part of the Capitol Box Art Project.

Projected Construction PeriodSummer 2022

Landscape Architect: Atlas Lab

Civil Engineer: Cartwright Nor Cal

CADA Contact:

Renée Funston, Development Manager