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1610 17th Street

Development Description:

CADA offered the 40’ x 40’ lot for sale at 1610 17th Street in Midtown Sacramento by way of the Offering Letter dated November 2, 2011.  The site is located on the west side of 17th Street between P and Q Streets and was vacant at the time.  CADA’s intent was to select a capable and qualified developer to purchase the lot and to develop a quality urban residential project.  CADA intends to sell the lot to the selected developer for $64,000. 


The CADA Board of Directors selected Louis Kaufman/Boyle and Bloom’s proposal and construction started the third quarter of 2013.

Louis Kaufman/Boyle and Bloom Proposal

Owner/Occupant Erin Boyle and Stefan Bloom
Architect Louis Kaufman, Architect
Contractor(s) Cuttle Construction
Product Description Single Family Residence with two roof terraces, guest studio and one covered parking space
Energy Efficiency
Meet current California Building Code plus energy conserving electrical/plumbing fixtures and low VOC finishes
Lot purchase price $64,000
Total Development Cost $467,955
Cost per Sq. Ft. $170
Size of Project 2,746 sq. ft.
Start of Construction 2nd Quarter 2014