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Saratoga Townhomes

New Construction:
This project achieved remarkable construction economy through the use of pre-cast foundations and pre-cut roof supports. An active and passive solar system was also incorporated into the design to reduce energy costs by 50 percent. It received an Affordable Housing Award from the State Department of Housing and Community Development because its initial sales prices were set at $53,000.
Completion Date: 1983
Location: 900 Q Street
Developer: K.F. Hofmann Company
Architect: David Baker of San Francisco and SolArc of Berkeley
General Contractor:
Unit Count: 36 units
Total Building Area:
Acres: 1.17 Acres
Dwelling Units per Acre: 36 DUA
Development Costs:
Sources of Financing:
Sales Information:
Saratoga Townhomes Owner’s Association – (916) 444-7577

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