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Somerset Parkside

New Construction:
This condominium development that placed two story townhouses on the alley in the interior of the block and three to 4 story flats above retail on the street frontages was a precursor for Peter Calthorpe’s later pedestrian pocket designs.
Completion Date: 1984
Location: Block between 10th/11th and P/Q Streets
Developer: Barratt Northern California, Inc.
Architect: Van der Ryn/Calthorpe of Sausalito
General Contractor:
Unit Count:
Condominium Component:

75 market rate condominiums in 4 story structure ranging from studios (350 SF) to townhouses (1,100 SF)

Affordable Component:

26 affordable apartments in separate structure

16 – 2BR (710 SF)

10 – 3 BR (927 SF)

Total Units: 101

Acres: 2.5 Acres
Dwelling Units per Acre: 40 DUA
Parking: 28 spaces
Development Costs:
Sources of Financing:
Rental Information: Call CADA at 322-2114
Sales Information: See on-site sales sign