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Fast Facts

CADA is a unique public agency charged with creating new urban infill housing; managing residential and commercial properties owned by the state; and enhancing the State Capitol environment.  CADA functions much like a private property management and development company.  It is a “joint powers authority,” created by a partnership between the State of California and the City of Sacramento, and its activities are overseen by a five-member board of directors, which meets monthly. The CADA Board’s meetings are open to the public.  CADA’s annual revenue is approximately $10 million.  Its revenue is used to manage the state residential and commercial property portfolio; initiate private development of new housing; and to enhance the Capitol area for the enjoyment of the state workforce, local residents and visitors to the Capitol.


The Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) was established in 1978 to manage residential and commercial properties acquired by the state in the 1960s for construction of a state office campus. When the state determined it did not need all the property for state office purposes, it established CADA, in partnership with the City of Sacramento, to serve as the State’s property manager.  In addition managing the state’s residential and commercial properties in the Capitol Area, CADA was given responsibility for facilitating new residential construction by private developers.  Since its inception, CADA has initiated private development of over 1,000 new residential units on land previously owned by the state.

Affordable Housing

CADA manages 779 rental housing units, about one quarter of which are affordable to low and very low-income households. CADA’s affordability program is self-funded: subsidies for affordable units are offset by income from market rate units.

Geographic Area


1522 14th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-5958
Telephone: (916) 322-2114
Fax: (916) 324-6060


Board of Directors:

Ann Bailey, Chair, State Appointee
Bob Lagomarsino, Board Appointee
Emily Baime Michaels, Vice-Chair, City Appointee
Jose Bodipo-Memba, City Appointee
Nick Avdis, State Appointee

Executive Director:

Danielle Foster


Total Employees – 44
ORGANIZATIONAL CHART (PDF)* (opens in a new tab)